Free Multiplication Table

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You can download and print your Free Multiplication Table from here.

Once, you've printed it out, you can use it alongside the other multiplication worksheets that use the table.

You can begin with the lesson below covering multiplication with zeroes or find more lessons using the links at the bottom of this page.

You won't find zero as a factor on the multiplication table.  It's a fairly easy factor to memorize once your child learns the basic rule--zero times anything is zero.

Although learning multiplication tables can be time consuming - the easiest table to memorize is zero!  When dealing with zero, it's easy to remember that:

0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

Thus this equation is ALSO written as:

0 X 4 = 0

No matter how many groups of zero you have - the end product is always zero.

Multiplying By Zero

free multiplication table 2

But how do you explain this so your child understands the concept?

This is a concept that is hard for young children to grasp because it is hard to visualize "nothing."

You can try to explain that if you had three bowls with nothing inside each of them, and you added the nothing together, you would still have zero or nothing.

3 X 0 = 0

But that's kind of confusing isn't it?

One fun way to teach the zero multiplication tables is to explain that the number 0 is greedy and "takes" the answer every time.

We used the example of a vampire with our son.  Zero is like a vampire that drains the number down to zero.

Here is a free multiplication table that you can use to help your homeschooling child remember the zero property, and that anything multiplied by 0 is always 0.

I've also tried explaining zero as being a hungry monster that eats the other numbers, leaving zero all by itself.  The worksheets below, build upon these ideas.

Free Multiplication Table & Worksheet

Use the first printout as a study guide and then have your child complete the second activity sheet.

free multiplication table 3
free multiplication table 4

Hopefully these worksheets will help your child understand the concept of multiplying by zero.  For more multiplication tables and worksheets, see the pages below.

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how to teach multiplication 00
multiplication tables
math multiplication games 00

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