Multiplication Grid

multiplication grid 1

Before learning about the multiplication grid, you might want to do some basic review with your child. 

Can he remember what the different numbers in a multiplication problem are called?

multiplication grid 2

Does she know that it doesn't matter how a multiplication problem is written? 

Whether shown vertically or horizontally the end product is still the same.

Using the Multiplication Grid

It is helpful if your child can actually "see" what a multiplication problem looks like on a chart.  Using a grid like the example below will be a visual reference for solving problems.

5 X 5 = 25

Using the grid below, you can visualize this equation.  Follow the yellow lines with 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down.

multiplication grid 3

Now by physically counting the blocks (following the red numbers), the child can "see" that 5 x 5 does have a total of 25 blocks.

multiplication grid 4

Now is a good time for your child to do some practice using grids.  Print out these multiplication times tables for various exercises using blocked graphs.

You can find many more grid worksheets and multiplication activities on the pages below.

multiplication table missing numbers
multiplication worksheets
multiplication flash cards 00
multiplication times tables

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