Phonetic Alphabet

Practicing the Phonetic Alphabet is an important step for your homeschooled child. Hearing the sounds that each letter makes is an important building block in learning how to sound out words later.

These whimsical coloring worksheets are a fun way to teach the letter sounds to your preschool child. Each worksheet features a Large capital letter with an image of something that begins with that sound.

We also have another set of alphabet coloring pages that feature both the upper case and lower case versions of each letter using the D'Nealian font, which is used a lot to bridge printing and cursive handwriting. These also include a picture of something that begins with that letter sound as well. We have designed them to have different words on that set so that there is not duplication.

Click on the thumbnail sizes below to view and print out these worksheets:

You can also make a phonetic practice book with your child by going through magazines together and cutting out pictures of things that have the sound of each letter of the alphabet. My daughter enjoyed cutting out some pictures and pasting together a few sheets of paper. Learn more about these kind of Alphabet Activities here. She will enjoy working with something that you created together!

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Find More Phonetic Alphabet Coloring Pages or Check Out These Lessons on the English Alphabet.

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