Phonetic Alphabet

Practicing the Phonetic Alphabet is an important step for your preschool-aged child.

Hearing the sounds that each letter makes is an important building block in learning how to sound out words later.

These coloring worksheets are a fun way to teach the letter sounds to your child.

Each worksheet features a Large capital letter with an image of something that begins with that sound.

As your child colors, practice saying the letter sound with him or her and try to come up with more words for each letter.

I also have another set of alphabet coloring pages that feature both the upper case and lower case versions of each letter using the D'Nealian font, which is used a lot to bridge printing and cursive handwriting.

You can find many more phonics worksheets and activities in the related lessons at the bottom of this page.

Printable Phonetic Alphabet Coloring Pages

Click on an image to open up a printable file in another tab.

a is for airplane coloring sheet
b is for baby phonetic alphabet coloring page
c is for car phonetic alphabet
d is for dinosaur phonetic coloring
e is for elephant
f is for fountain phonetic alphabet
phonetic alphabet g coloring page
phonetic alphabet h coloring page
phonetic alphabet i
phonetic j
phonetic k alphabet worksheet
l phonetic coloring page
m is mom phonetic alphabet coloring sheet
phonetic n coloring page
o phonetic alphabet sheet
p is for penguin
phonetic alphabet q worksheet
phonetic r alphabet sheet
s is for sun coloring sheet
phonetic t alphabet coloring
alphabet u phonetic worksheet
phonetic alphabet v coloring page
phonetic alphabet w coloring sheet
x phonetic alphabet coloring
alphabet coloring sheet phonetic y
phonetic coloring sheet alphabet z

You could also make a phonetic flip-book using these coloring pages and the step-by-step alphabet scrapbook instructions found here.

Be sure to take advantage of the similar lessons below to help your students better understand letters and improve their handwriting.

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