Multiplication Test

Use a multiplication test to gauge how well your child is progressing through the multiplication lessons.  The tests here are basic multiplication problems that focus on one particular factor and its multiples.

These simple tests are great for determining if there is a particular factor that your child struggles with. They can also be turned into a multiplication timed test using a simple stopwatch.  Each test below should be completed within one minute.

How  To Use The Tests

Our son is currently memorizing his multiplication facts and taking tests just like these in class.  I like the way they learn their facts in his class and would recommend doing something similar at home with your child.

At school, he needs to pass his ones test and then he moves on to his twos.  Once he passes the twos, he needs to complete a mixed test of ones and twos.  He then moves on to threes, passes them, and takes a fours test.  After completing the fours, he takes a 3 and 4's mixed test.

Learning continues on number by number with a mixed test after every two new factors.  I've created some Mixed Factors Multiplication Worksheets here. 

Printable Multiplication Test Sheets

I've created a test for each factor from 1 to 12 below.  If you would like for your child to get more practice, I would highly recommend using the Math Worksheet Site.  They have a paid subscription area, but you can also create and print free worksheets.

To print out your test, click on any image below.  It will open a PDF in another tab.

ones multiplication test
twos multiplication test
threes multiplication test
fours multiplication test
fives multiplication test
sixes multiplication test
sevens multiplication test
eights multiplication test
nines multiplication test
tens multiplication test
elevens multiplication test
twelves multiplication test

For more help with multiplying numbers, be sure to check out the resources below.

tips for teaching multiplication
3 basic multiplication rules
math multiplication games 00
math multiplication worksheets 00

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