Coloring Pages To Print

Here you'll find coloring pages to print out and use along with the lessons and activities on this website. 

When children color, they aren't just scribbling on a piece of paper.  They're also developing fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity.

Most importantly, it's a way for you and your child to sit down and spend some time together.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

The Alphabet coloring pages feature both upper and lower case letters along with a fun picture to color. The Phonetic Alphabet coloring sheets show upper case letters only along with a picture that represents each letter, for example, "D is for Dinosaur".

Download the Printable Alphabet Letters and decorate them any way you want.  You can use crayons, stickers, glue and glitter or anything else your child can think of.  These pages go great with the Alphabet Activities.

Learning the alphabet is fun, but let's not forget about math.  Print out the number coloring pages and start learning numbers from 1 to 10.  For more help with numbers, see the related lessons at the bottom of this page.

alphabet coloring pages
phonetic alphabet 00
printable alphabet letters
number coloring pages

Themed Coloring Pages to Print

All of these coloring pages revolve around a particular theme like animals, fantasy, or cartoons.  To see what coloring pages are available, simply click on the image below.

dinosaur coloring pages to print
dog coloring pages
dragon coloring pages to print
fairy coloring pages to print
fashion coloring pages 00
horse coloring pages
shape coloring pages to print
book coloring 00

Holiday Coloring Sheets

These worksheets make a fun activity for any day.  There are different sets for some of the larger holidays.  Click on the thumbnail to view.

a-h halloween alphabet coloring pages
i-p halloween coloring pages to print
q-z halloween coloring pages
halloween coloring pages to print
thanksgiving coloring pages set 1
thanksgiving coloring pages set 2
turkey coloring pages to print
christmas coloring pages
valentines coloring pages to print 1
valentines coloring pages to print 2

These coloring pages cover a wide variety of topics.  For more in-depth study, you might want to check out these worksheets and lessons:

alphabet worksheets
alphabet songs
number worksheets
counting worksheets

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