Counting Worksheets

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Use the counting worksheets and lessons below to introduce numbers and the concepts that go along with them.

I cover topics like number order, place value, skip counting, and more.

Be sure to check out the free printable flashcards--an excellent resource for learning numbers, coins, and place value.

Printable Counting Worksheets

All of the practice sheets have been divided up into the lessons below.  Click any image to see all of the printouts available for that unit.

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greater than less than worksheets
count and color worksheets
count and match worksheets
missing numbers worksheets
preschool counting worksheets
ordering numbers
money worksheets
skip counting worksheets
place value worksheets
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Counting Concepts

Here's a brief intro to some of the topics you'll find above:

Skip Counting is an important first step in learning how to add numbers.  It's also crucial to understanding basic multiplication. These lessons will teach your child how to count by multiples of all the numbers from 2 to 10.

Counting money is a hard concept to grasp. Children usually associate size (big/small) with worth.  That's not true of money.  Dimes are smaller then nickels and pennies, but they are worth more.  You might have four pennies which is more than one nickel, but the nickel is worth more.  Very Confusing!!!  Our worksheets present this topic in simple to understand steps.

Our 'Greater Than Less Than' worksheets should be used along with the lessons on place value which teach the difference between hundreds, tens, ones, and more.

There are also fun activity sheets like Connect the Dot puzzles, Count 'n Color sheets, and matching activities.

I've also included a link to some counting games that you might be interested in.

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