Multiplication Worksheets

multiplication worksheets

I've been keeping busy creating multiplication worksheets.

Really.  Busy.

It seems that our 3rd Grade son has nothing but multiplication homework--that and fractions, but we'll save those for another time.

In addition to the worksheets, I've included lessons that students (and parents) should discuss before beginning.

Before attempting the worksheets below, you might want to learn the basic multiplication rules.

I've also added a short introductory lesson for parents on how to teach multiplication; it offers an easy way to present multiplying to your child.

The basics of multiplication often begin in the Kindergarten and First Grade years.  During this time, children learn how to skip count by twos, three, fours, and so on. 

Although it's such a simple thing, it is the foundation of early multiplication skills.  See my lesson on 'Learning Multiplication' to practice these concepts.

Multiplication Worksheets & Lessons

Knowing the vocabulary of mathematical equations is essential to understanding them.  The lesson on multiplication factors covers factors and products and includes worksheets to help your child or student decipher between the two of them.

From there, you can move on to the beginning multiplication lesson. It gives a quick overview of how multiplication works and offers a few worksheets to get you started. 

You'll also find a lot of information and tips on teaching multiplication in the first three lesson units below. After that, you're ready to explore the rest of the multiplication lessons.

The multiplication rap is a fun video that teaches facts through rap lyrics.  It links to a youtube video that gives you a short preview of some of the music and lessons found on the DVD.

I've also created some times tests that you can use to check your child's speed.  We've done a lot of these in my son's 3rd grade class.  He has to pass a timed test for each factor before he can move on to the next.  I've made times tests covering all of the factors from 1 to 12.

Once you're child has mastered all of the multiplication facts, you can print out the mixed timed tests which cover all of the factors.

Click an image below for lessons or to view worksheets.

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For more help with multiplication and math, check out the lessons below.  In the flashcards section of the site, you'll find multiplication flash cards that you can use to focus on particular factors.  They're great for improving speed and memorizing multiplication facts.

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