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Learning Multiplication - Facts and Rules

Help your child to better understand basic multiplication with these three simple rules which lay the foundation for learning multiplication.

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Coloring Numbers:Number Recognition

Teach your child how to recognize numbers with these free, printable worksheets that will have your child coloring numbers that are mixed among letters.

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Multiplication Test - Multiples Up To Twelve

Use these multiplication test worksheets to gauge your child's multiplication skills. Beginner problems covering multiples from 1 to 12. Advanced equations and strategies.

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Coin Counting - Mixed Coins Worksheets

Help your child to identify and understand the difference between pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with these coin counting worksheets.

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1st Grade Spelling Words - Long I

Teach the Long I sound to your child using these full-color worksheets. Find more printable 1st grade spelling words and activities when you visit.

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Educational Flashcards

Find educational flashcards covering a wide array of topics such as math, letters, sight words, emotions, shapes and more. Printable DIY flashcards for kids available too.

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Addition Flashcards - Math In A Flash Learning System

These vibrantly colored addition flashcards are part of the Math in a Flash learning system which covers the core concepts of addition. Interactive flashcards available too!

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Cursive Writing Worksheets:Uppercase Letters A-F

Learn how to write the uppercase cursive letters A through F with these free, printable handwriting practice pages. Find more cursive writing worksheets covering the entire alphabet.

Continue reading "Cursive Writing Worksheets:Uppercase Letters A-F"

Preschool Counting Games - Printable Activities

Learn how to play these preschool counting games using items from around the home to teach your child how to count to twenty and beyond. Hundreds of counting and number worksheets available too

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Learn To Count:Counting To 10 Worksheets

Help your child learn to count with these fun, full-color counting worksheets and activities. Find matching games, coloring pages, and number activities for Preschool and Elementary students.

Continue reading "Learn To Count:Counting To 10 Worksheets"

Connect The Dots Game

These printable connect the dots game boards are a fun activity to do at home or in the classroom. Find 9 different boards with varying difficulties (and cuteness!).

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Printable Dot to Dot Kids Puzzles

Check out these printable dot to dot puzzles created to teach your child how to count to twenty. Larger number puzzles available for older children and adults.

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Alphabet Flash Cards - Printable DIY

Teach your child the ABC's with these printable, do-it-yourself alphabet flash cards. The upper-case, lower-case, cursive, and sign language alphabets are covered.

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Alphabet Coloring - A Is For Airplane, B Is For...

Easily teach your child about letters with these phonetic alphabet coloring sheets. Worksheets & activities for homeschooling and the classroom!

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Printable Alphabet Letters - Giant Block Letters

Get crafty with your ABC's using these printable alphabet letters that you can cut out and decorate. Find alphabet worksheets and activities.

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