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Coloring Numbers:Number Recognition

Teach your child how to recognize numbers with these free, printable worksheets that will have your child coloring numbers that are mixed among letters.

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Number Line - Addition Worksheets

The number line is a great teaching tool for students beginning to learn addition. Print out a line for your child and use it with these colored, printable addition worksheets.

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Decimal Number Line - Printables

Printable decimal number line worksheets covering fractions, whole numbers, and negative numbers.

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Printable Number Line:Positive & Negative Number Lines

Use a printable number line to easily see how numbers are arranged from negative to positive. A great study guide for learning addition and subtraction facts.

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Multiplication Times Table Chart - 3 Times Tables

Printable multiplication times table chart covering the factors one through twelve. Find free math worksheets for individual number charts. Spelling, reading and vocabulary worksheets too.

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Printable Multiplication Table - Multiplying By One

Learn how to multiply by one in this times table lesson. Use this free printable multiplication table for a quick study guide.

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Printable Multiplication Chart - Math Worksheets

Practice your times tables by filling in the missing numbers on these printable multiplication chart worksheets. Find multiplication lessons, study help, and more.

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Printable Multiplication Tables - Quick Guides

Help your child learn how to multiply with these free printable multiplication tables. Great for posting in a classroom!

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Multiplication Table Chart - Multiplying by 4

Before learning how to multiply by four, be sure to print out your free multiplication table chart for a quick study guide.

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Multiplication Times Tables - Free Math Worksheets

These math mazes are a fun way to practice the multiplication times tables. Print out your free mazes and then check out the rest of my multiplication worksheets and lessons.

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Multiplication Charts - Multiplying By 2's

Use these multiplication charts and worksheets to learn how to multiply by twos. Find more times tables and activities on our site.

Continue reading "Multiplication Charts - Multiplying By 2's"

Learning Multiplication - Facts and Rules

Help your child to better understand basic multiplication with these three simple rules which lay the foundation for learning multiplication.

Continue reading "Learning Multiplication - Facts and Rules"

Multiplication Test - Multiples Up To Twelve

Use these multiplication test worksheets to gauge your child's multiplication skills. Beginner problems covering multiples from 1 to 12. Advanced equations and strategies.

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Coin Counting - Mixed Coins Worksheets

Help your child to identify and understand the difference between pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with these coin counting worksheets.

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1st Grade Spelling Words - Long I

Teach the Long I sound to your child using these full-color worksheets. Find more printable 1st grade spelling words and activities when you visit.

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