Skip Counting

Skip counting is one of the first math skills that your child will need to master before learning how to multiply.

It sets the foundation for understanding how multiplication works and breaks down multiplying into simpler tasks.

By adding a number to itself over and over again, your child sees and memorizes the counting pattern.

He or she will be closer to understanding what you mean when you start showing simple multiplication problems and in later grades, when students are asked to memorize the multiplication tables.

Skip Counting Worksheets

I've prepared activity sheets for counting by two's and all the numbers up to ten.

Click on any number to find practice sheets for counting by that number.

skip counting by twos
skip counting by threes
skip counting by fours
skip counting by fives
skip counting by sixes
skip counting by sevens
skip counting by eights
skip counting by nines

Teaching Sequence

This form of counting is generally introduced in first grade, and it is best to start first with the tens and then go on to the fives and twos.

As you work on counting by ten, you might also want to introduce some lessons on the tens and ones place value.

Try to get your child to memorize the counting pattern up to 100. The other digits will follow once the fives, tens and twos are mastered.

This printable hundreds chart is a useful tool to help your child visualize what skipping means. When you visit the individual counting pages, you'll find some worksheets that are based off of the hundreds chart as well as some other activities and videos to help you teach this skill.

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