Number Line

The number line is a valuable teaching tool for 1st Grade students as they begin learning addition. 

The concept may be introduced in kindergarten, but it's built upon and reinforced in first grade. 

Remember, just move at your child's pace regardless of what grade he or she is in.

The line is used like this. 

When a child is given a problem such as 4 + 5, he makes a mark at the 4 on the line.  He then counts five numbers, or "jumps" on the line. 

It's important that the student doesn't count the first number (4 in this example).  Just count the "jumps" and the student will get the correct answer.

Using the equation above you'd get this:

number line

As mentioned above, if the student counts the first number (4) as a "jump" then he would get the wrong answer (8) in this case. 

This was a problem with our son when he first learned how to use the line. 

We taught him to put one finger on the beginning number (four in the example above) and then use another finger to move away from the number, counting the times the second finger moves.

Eventually, he caught on and now he doesn't need to use one.

Number Line Worksheets

The addition worksheets below present the line in various ways. 

Click a thumbnail to download/print out a PDF worksheet. 

The first image is a simple line that you can print out for your child or students to use alongside the worksheets or with homework.

printable number line
number line worksheet 1
number line worksheet 2
number line worksheet 3
number line worksheet 4
number line worksheet 5

I've created numerous worksheets covering numbers, addition, and all kinds of math topics.  Be sure to check out the pages below for more great lessons and printables.

number worksheets
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printable number line
math worksheets addition 00

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