Number Worksheets

number worksheets

The number worksheets below cover a wide variety of math topics that are taught in elementary school.

You'll find introductory worksheets such as the simple number coloring pages as well as more advanced math skills using negative number lines.

You may find it helpful to use these worksheets along with some of the lessons found in the counting section (link at bottom) of the site. 

Number Worksheets & Activities

The printable number line is great for beginning math students.  Print out your copy and use it along with the addition and subtraction lessons that you'll find on the site. Once you've printed out your number line, try the number line handouts.

The number coloring pages teach number recognition and counting to students just learning their numbers.  You can also make your own numbers flashcards with my printable templates or discover more early learning skills in the Preschool Worksheets section.

Try the number order worksheets to learn which numbers come before or after another number.  After number order is done, it's time to tackle place value, where students will learn numbers from the ones column up to the billions and down into decimal points.

I've also included some worksheets covering odd and even numbers as well as greater than and less than papers-both of which our kids tackled in their first grade math lessons.  The 'One More Than' section is another great unit for 1st Grade Math students.

Midpoints are something that our son worked on in fourth grade so it may be a bit too advanced for younger children.  Just remember to work at your child's level and if he or she is ready for it, then go for it!

Click on the pictures below to find the lessons and print out your worksheets.

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