Place Value Blocks

Place value blocks are an easy way to show your student how our number system works. Place value simply means that the place a digit appears in a number gives it its value. In our base ten system, a digit represents a value ten times more than the digit to its right.

For example, ten "Ones" make one unit of the next largest place "Tens", while ten "Tens" make up one "Hundreds". This can be a hard concept to grasp (and explain), but by using blocks, the child can see how this works. The worksheets below introduce this concept by starting with single blocks for the "Ones" place. The child then progresses into "Tens" and "Hundreds".

Place Value Worksheets

In these first two sheets, the student simply counts up the blocks and writes the answer. The third sheet is the same concept but presented a little differently. Instead of counting blocks, the child is told how many tens and ones there are.

Now, let's introduce hundreds. The hundreds place value is indicated by a large group of 100 blocks. This information is presented in a few different ways, ending with the student creating his or her own block problems.

There are more worksheets covering Place Value Blocks, Charts, and Decimals Here.

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