Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Here are a few dinosaur coloring pages that I created using artwork found on some of my favorite free clipart sites.

There are so many great artists that put their work out there for free, be sure to check out the link above to learn more about them.

My son is way in to dinosaurs.  We've got the T-Rex pajamas, dinosaur bed sheets, most of the Land Before Time movies, and of course, hundreds of plastic toy dinosaurs.

It only made sense to create some coloring pages.  Sadly, he doesn't enjoy coloring.  Thankfully, we have to beautiful girls that love to color.

They don't care if it's dinosaurs or princesses.  As long as they have crayons, it's all good with them.  And as long as they don't draw on the walls, it's all good with me.

Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Clicking on the pictures below will open a PDF file in another window.

dinosaur coloring pages 10
dinosaur coloring pages 11
dinosaur coloring pages 12
dinosaur coloring pages 13
dinosaur coloring pages 14
dinosaur coloring pages 15
dinosaur coloring pages 1
dinosaur coloring pages 2
dinosaur coloring pages 3
dinosaur coloring pages 4
dinosaur coloring pages 5
dinosaur coloring pages 6
dinosaur coloring pages 7
dinosaur coloring pages 8
dinosaur coloring pages 9

When you're done with these dinosaur coloring sheets, be sure to check out the other coloring pages and worksheets below.

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