Hundreds Chart

The hundreds chart is a traditional math tool to help young students visualize number patterns that occur between one and one hundred.

the traditional hundreds grid is a wonderful beginning math tool.

As you can see here, ten rows of ten are laid out one on top of the other to make it easy to visualize that 11 is right over 21 (ten more than eleven), 21 is right over 31, and so on.

Using the hundreds grid, you can easily show your students how to count by tens, since multiples of ten are all found in the last column, aligned vertically.

After your child has worked with this tool for awhile, the next step is to learn skip counting, a building block to multiplication.

Isuggest that you begin with skip counting by tens. If you follow this link, you will find some supporting tools to help teach skip counting by tens, and from there you can move into skip counting by fives, then twos, threes, fours, sixes, sevens, eights and nines.

Hundreds Table Worksheets

Click on the image links below to download our basic chart as well as counting worksheets prepared from it:

There are many great activities that you can plan based on this popular tool. You can create your own basic counting worksheets by blanking out numbers and having your student fill in the missing numbers. You will see that we have created several of these types of worksheets for you that you can download and utilize.

Another exercise that you can try is to have your students look for patterns within the grid, without your assistance, in the different rows and columns. They will normally be able to spot sequences of 5's, 10's, etc.,) without help.

You can later help them visualize addition and subtraction problems more easily as well.

We hope that you will find our practice worksheets we have created based on the hundreds chart to be an effective tool for teaching basic math principles to your 1st Grade student.

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