Counting By Tens

counting by tens

Skip counting by tens seems to come easier to a child than counting by most other numbers. 

For this reason, many schools teach children how to skip count using multiples of ten before counting by any other number. That's how we started learning how to skip count in our house and it seemed to work really well with our kids.

The exercises below will give your child the opportunity to practice counting by multiples of ten and will help set her on the path to learning about multiplication!

Counting By Tens Worksheets

counting by tens chart

Before you start working on the activity sheets below, you may want to print out this multiplication chart which clearly shows all the multiples of tens (up to 10x10) in yellow.  It's also a good way to show other factors as well.  You'll notice that all of the double multiplication facts are in bold as well, but we'll cover that in more depth in another lesson.

Your child can use this chart along with the activities below to check his work or as a handy guide to help if he gets stuck.

Each paper has instructions on it, so feel free to go ahead with printing them out and get started learning how to count by tens.  If you find yourself needing more instruction you can find more details on each worksheet below.

counting by tens 1
counting by tens 2
counting by tens 3
counting by tens 4
counting by tens 5
counting by tens 6

The first worksheet looks a lot like the multiplication chart above except there are numbers missing in the tens column.  Count by tens to fill in the blanks.

The second paper shows bags of marbles.  Each bag has ten marbles inside it.  You'll notice that there is some information given and some is missing.  Use your counting skills to fill in the missing info.

The third handout is a sequencing task.  Multiples of ten are all jumbled up and out of order.  Have your child write the numbers in the proper sequence on the line provided. If you have any pennies handy, it would be a good time to break them out and use them along with the worksheet.  It's a great way to learn about counting money!

The following worksheet has different animals on it.  Inside each animal there is a number or a missing number.  Start with the first animal and count by tens to fill in the missing numbers.

The fifth worksheet has six different boxes on it.  Inside each box are crabs.  Each crab has ten arms.  Use skip counting to quickly add up how many crab arms are in each box.

The next paper is very similar to the previous one.  Inside each box is a set of bowling pins.  Bowling pins come in sets of 10, so count each set of pins to quickly determine how many pins are in each box.

Once your child has mastered counting by tens, you may want to try learning about place value (we use a base-ten system) or check out more of my numbers and counting worksheets.

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