Handwriting Practice Sheets

This next unit of handwriting practice sheets will cover the letters M through R.

Each worksheet has a line for printing the upper-case and lower-case letter.

The papers also have a short activity related to the letter that the student will be focusing on.  I'll cover the activities in more detail below.

For now, print out the practice sheets and start improving your child's handwriting!

Printable Handwriting Practice Sheets

Click on an image below to open a printable worksheet in another tab.

letter Mm handwriting practice sheet
letter Nn handwriting practice sheet
letter Oo handwriting practice sheet
letter Pp handwriting practice sheet
letter Qq handwriting practice sheet
letter Rr handwriting practice sheet

Letter Activities

Here are a few quick notes about the letter activities for each practice sheet.

M--Finish the word by writing either an upper or lowercase M on the line.  Each monkey has a letter on its forehead.  Color in the monkeys with an m.

N--Complete the word, then help the newt find his way through the maze.

O--A simple coloring page for children.  Write the letter O at the beginning of each word then color in the pictures.

P--Each pod has three peas in it.  On each pea is a letter.  Color the peas that show a P or p.

Q--Just some more handwriting practice at the bottom.  Write an upper case Q for the first word and a lowercase for the second or vice versa.

R--I thought this graphic added a nice touch of simple humor to the worksheets.  Circle the rocks and rulers that are saying the letter R or r.

For more help with handwriting or letter practice, check out the pages below.  You'll find letter tracing lessons and can continue on with the final unit of printing letters S-Z.

handwriting worksheets S-Z
tracing uppercase letters M-R
cursive worksheets 00
how to write in cursive 00

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