Free Handwriting Worksheets

free handwriting worksheets

I hope that the free handwriting worksheets have helped to improve your child's writing skills.  You are on the final stretch now!  This final unit will focus on the last 8 letters of the alphabet--s through z.

If you haven't gone through the previous lessons yet you can do so using the links at the bottom of this page.

If you're ready to move on, print out the pages below and let's wrap up our lessons on printing the alphabet.

Free Handwriting Worksheets:Printing S-Z

If you've done the previous lessons on the rest of the alphabet, then these worksheets will look familiar.  If not, I'll explain how to use these printables below.  Click on the sheet you want to print, download it, print, then watch your child practice practice practice!

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free handwriting worksheets 5
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Worksheet Instructions

Each printable comes with two lines of handwriting practice at the top.  The first line is for learning how to write the capital letter, while the second focuses on lowercase versions.

The first letter is written in a traceable font for students to get a feel for the letter's form.  The remaining space should be used to practice writing the letters in freehand.

Below the practice area there are short activities focusing on each letter.  Here's a quick overview of each:

S--Complete the word snail by writing the letter 's' (upper or lower).  The snail's shell is divided up into sections.  Each piece has a different letter on it.  Color in the parts of the shell that have a 'S' or 's' on them.

T--Finish the word and then circle the teeth that have the letter T on them.  Color the ones that do not have a T on them.

U--Complete the word and then use the color key to color in the pieces of the umbrella.

V--This task focuses on more writing.  Complete the sentences by tracing the words.

W--What a windy day!  This is a short 'Seek N Find' activity.  Have your child comb through the mess of letters and circle all of the W's.

X--More writing practice.  Below each picture is a word describing it.  Trace the words.

Y--Another fun coloring activity.  Use the key codes.

Z--Help the bees buzz away to their hives.  Follow the line from each bee to the correct hive.  With all of the curves, this makes for great tracing practice.

For more help with handwriting, tracing, or the alphabet, see the lessons below.

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cursive handwriting
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