Handwriting Worksheets

handwriting worksheets

Handwriting worksheets are a great way to give added practice to your homeschooled student.

Even if you don't home school, your child can gain valuable ground by supplementing school work with these papers.  You'll find that many of the downloadable worksheets include pictures or colorful images. 

Although some parents may try to save ink by using only black and white worksheets (I get it, ink is expensive--it's cheaper to just buy a new printer), remember that handwriting incorporates a lot of sensory integration.

The use of color engages the mind and relieves the repetitive boredom of doing similar practices over and over, which is how we learn to write...practice and practice...over and over.  It gets old quick.

Once your child has completed the worksheet, be sure to go over it, practicing the sound the letter makes.  You can find a lot of resources on making letter sounds in the "Consonant Worksheets" section of the website.  Don't forget to reinforce these letter sounds by allowing your child to search out pictures in their own reading library that begin with the same letter and sound.

Free Handwriting Worksheets

The first unit of handwriting lessons focuses on printing the alphabet.  They cover both upper and lowercase forms of the English Alphabet.

Each worksheet comes with two lines of writing practice.  Your child can trace the first couple of letters and then practice his or her own handwriting on the remaining line space

Each writing task is followed by a short letter activity like coloring, matching, or letter recognition.  Again, this is just something to break up the monotony of writing the same letters over and over.  Be sure to take a break between writing practice to play some letter games and focus on sounds.  Your child will appreciate it.

I've also created some printable handwriting sheet templates that you can print out and create your own lessons on.  There are six different worksheets you can use either at home or in the classroom to practice printing those letters.

Click the thumbnails below to find your worksheets.

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Be sure to check out the related lessons below for more help with the Alphabet and writing. 

I would recommend the tracing worksheets for children that may be struggling to make nice, neat, straight lines. 

The alphabet and consonant papers include more activities that you can use to focus on specific letters.

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alphabet worksheets
consonant letters
tracing worksheets

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