Handwriting Sheets

Print out these handwriting sheets for an easy way to improve your child's writing skills.

You can always use the handwriting lessons that I've prepared (see links below) for students or print out these sheets to focus on specific letters, word spacing, punctuation, or whatever else your child might need.

Below you will find two basic templates that you can use to print out and practice individual letters, sentences, or any other writing activity.  Templates are available in both portrait and landscape formats.

Printable Handwriting Sheets

Just click on the images below to open up your practice sheets in another tab.  From there you can print or save the file to your computer for later use.

Using the Sheets

There are two types of sheets you can print out.  Each one can be used for multiple activities, but they each have their strong points.

The portrait format (tall) is great for practicing individual letters.  You can focus on up to six different letters at a time.

The landscape orientation (wide) is better suited for composition.  There are less lines to write on, but they are longer which makes it perfect for practicing sentence structure, writing book reports, or learning how to write personal letters.

Like I mentioned above, they can both be used for the same things, I just find that they work better in some situations than others.

One more thing.

Ink is expensive.  If you're just printing out a few sheets to focus on certain handwriting tasks for your child then great.  These papers should work perfectly, but...

If you intend on doing a lot of work on writing, especially in a classroom or homeschool environment, you might want to consider purchasing writing paper in bulk rather than burning through your printer's ink cartridges.

You can find good deals on handwriting sheets at DiscountSchoolSupply.

For more lessons on handwriting, check out the pages below.

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Educational Resources

I've put together a list of educational resources that include links to more free work sheets, workbooks, home school curriculums, teacher resources, and learning toys.