Tracing Lines

Tracing lines is the first step in learning how to write. 

By practicing line formations, your child will learn the basic forms needed to successfully write the alphabet. 

It also helps to build muscle memory and tune fine motor skills.

Before tackling the alphabet tracing worksheets, be sure to go through these line tracing papers.  You could also print out my shape tracing worksheets for more practice.

Tracing Lines - Worksheets

These worksheets cover horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curved lines--all of which are needed to properly write letters and numbers. 

Be sure to print out the lessons on tracing shapes (seen at bottom of page) as well for more help with drawing lines.

tracing lines 1
tracing lines 2
tracing lines 3
tracing lines 4
tracing lines 5
tracing lines 6

Once your child has completed these tracing worksheets, it's time to move on to letters, shapes, and numbers.  Find them on the pages below:

tracing letters 00
number tracing 00
tracing shapes 00
tracing papers 00

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