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cursive handwriting

Welcome to my cursive handwriting worksheets.

Here you will find printable practice pages covering both upper and lowercase variations of the cursive alphabet.

Each sheet comes with a couple lines of writing practice and a short exercise to reinforce the letter.

Since you're here, I'll assume that your child or students have already mastered printing.  If not, you can always review with these printing worksheets.

Printable Cursive Handwriting Sheets

I've divided up the handwriting pages into different groups of letters--upper and lowercase.

Click on an image to find worksheets for that particular group.

Each handwriting paper comes with two lines of cursive writing practice.  The letter is first presented in traceable font.  Have your child trace the letters to get a feel for the letter formation.

Then there is a row of 3-lined paper for your students to practice their handwriting--no tracing.

Below the handwriting lines there are short activities that include a little more writing practice along with various matching and coloring tasks.

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The Joy of Cursive Writing

I created many of these worksheets to help out our son.  His handwriting was sloppy and unintelligible.

He had picked up some bad handwriting habits while learning how to print in Preschool and Kindergarten.  By the time he got to First Grade, the teacher had problems reading his writing.

Lots of children struggle with writing, but we were so happy when his 1st Grade teacher started teaching him cursive.

It's a chance to sort of 'start over' and unlearn the bad pencil grip and habits he'd learned.

He had to take his time to focus on writing the new letters and with this concentration came improved legibility--not just with cursive, but with his printing too.  The reports from his teachers were amazing.

I can't say enough nice things about cursive.  I have some friends that have mentioned it's not being taught in their schools.  With the way it has improved our son's handwriting skills, it's a shame.

More Writing Practice:

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