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This first group of time worksheets will focus on the hour hand.  When you begin teaching your child how to tell time, keep it simple.  Start by learning how to tell time to the hour.

By doing this, you'll eliminate confusion between the hour and the minute hand.  The minute hand will always be on 12; the student can focus solely on the number that the hour hand is point to. 

This also means that your student can begin learning about time much sooner.  As long as your child knows how to count to twelve, he or she can begin telling time.

Telling Time Worksheets:Hours

There are two basic ways that the hour is presented in the worksheets below. 

In the first two papers, your child is shown the clock and must write down the time. Be sure to point out how the minute hand is longer and pointing to the 12, while the shorter hand represents what hour it is.

The next two worksheets reverse the process, giving your child the time and asking him/her to draw the hands. 

In the final paper I left the last two clocks blank so students could make up their own hour and then plot it on the clock face.

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When your child has mastered telling time to the hour, you can move on to half-hours or check out some of the other time and 1st Grade math worksheets available:

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