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clock worksheets

The clock worksheets in this lesson plan will introduce the half-hour.  If you haven't done so yet, I would recommend covering telling time to the hour with my previous time worksheets, which you can find at the bottom of the page. 

If your student has already mastered the hour, then you're ready to move on.  Things are most likely going to get a bit tricky when you introduce half-hours to your child, at least they did with our daughter.

With the hour worksheets, the minute hand was not a big deal.  It stayed on the twelve and didn't move.  So, students don't really have to give much thought to the position of the minute hand.  However, when introducing the half-hour, students will need to pay careful attention to where the minute hand is.

I've created a few worksheets that focus solely on the half-hour as a way to introduce the concept.  Later worksheets mix both hour and half-hour times that will test the child's understanding.

Half-Hour Clock Worksheets

The first worksheet shows six different clocks.  In each one, the minute hand is on the 6 indicating that it is half-past a certain hour.  Have your child determine the correct time and write it on the line under each clock. Again, here your child won't have to pay much attention to the minute hand, only the hour hand.

The second sheet is the same basic concept, but this time, instead of writing the time, your child needs to draw a line from the clocks on the left to the correct time on the right.

In the third worksheet, you will see six different clocks with a time written underneath them.  Your child will need to look at the time and then draw the clock hands in the correct position.  Be sure that your child draws the hour hand shorter than the minute hand.  If fine motor skills are an issue, you may want to use two different colors to make the lines.  For example, your child can draw the hour hand in red and the minute hand in blue. 

The remaining clock worksheets follow the same patterns of those above, but they are more of a review.  They mix the hour concept that we covered in the previous lesson back in with the half-hour.  Here is where things may get a bit tricky.

Students must now differentiate between 'on-the-hour' and 'half-past' clock faces.  Be sure to review these papers with them carefully.

clock worksheets 1
clock worksheets 3
clock worksheets 5
clock worksheets 2
clock worksheets 4
clock worksheets 6
clock worksheets 7

If your child is struggling with half-hours, you may want to try reviewing the previous lesson on hours and focusing on the difference between the minute hand and hour hand.

If everything went well, then you can move on to the next lesson which covers 5-minute intervals on the clock or find more 1st Grade math worksheets below:

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