1st Grade Math Worksheets

1st grade math worksheets

This unit of 1st Grade math worksheets will focus on the concept of 'one more than' and 'one less than'.  This is a good way to work on number order and place value with your students.

It also helps to introduce the concept of adding and subtracting as each problem is essentially a +1 or -1 math problem.

Our daughter has been working on these over the 1st quarter of the school year (which ends next Friday!) so I decided to make a few worksheets to help her out.

She actually enjoys doing homework for some strange reason!

More Than/Less Than 1st Grade Math Worksheets

I've presented the material in a few different ways as you'll see below.  There are instructions on each paper, but I'll dive into them a bit more below.

For now, go ahead and print out your worksheets by clicking on the photos below and then click the printer icon.  If you aren't exactly sure what to do with each paper, be sure to check out the more detailed instructions that I have written out for each worksheet below.

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Worksheet Instructions

In the first paper, students will work on both 'one more than' and 'one less than'.  In the columns on the left, your child needs to add one to the number given.  On the right side, students should write the number that is one less than the number shown.

I've also included a number line in the middle of the page to help out.  This activity covers the numbers up to twenty.

The second printable works on both as well, but this time it uses the same number for each.  There are are three columns.  The middle one shows a number.  To the left of the number, your child should write the number that is one less than the one shown.  On the right, put the number that is one more.

The rest of the worksheets use this same method of having one number and writing both the 'one more' and 'one less' on either side.

If your child is struggling with these worksheets, you might want to review some of my other lessons that deal with the same concepts.  Below, you'll find worksheets and activities covering number order and place value, as well as some printable number lines that can be used as a study guide:

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number line 00
addition worksheets
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