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This telling time worksheet unit will focus on elapsed time.  The student is given a time and must determine what the time will be later.

If you haven't done so yet, be sure to go over the different clock activities I've prepared.  They will introduce hours, half-hours, and minutes to your child gradually.

You can find those lessons at the bottom of this page, but if you're ready to go, let's dive in.

Telling Time Worksheet:Elapsed Time

In the first four worksheets, the student must determine what the time will be in a half-hour.  The concept is presented in two different ways. 

In one, the child must read the clock to determine the current time and then write what the time will be in one half-hour.  The other gives the student a time and then asks the child to draw the hands to show what the time will be in thirty minutes.

The next four worksheets follow the same pattern, but the child will be figuring out the time for one hour later.  There are two different worksheets for each group.


telling time worksheet 1
telling time worksheet 2
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telling time worksheet 5
telling time worksheet 4
telling time worksheet 3

You can find more time worksheets and other concepts covered in First Grade math on these pages:

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