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I have been working on fraction worksheets all year in our house.

With summer break coming up soon, I want to make sure that my 2nd grader doesn't forget all he's learned by the time he starts 3rd Grade.

Fractions are tough and definitely something that is easy to forget about, especially with summer vacation, Netflix, and ice cream to take your mind off of them.

So, I'll be creating plenty of worksheets to keep my son occupied and on top of things this summer.

Printable Fraction Worksheets

Just click on an image below to see the worksheets for that topic.

You can start off with identifying equal parts.  In these worksheets, the student is asked to divide shapes into equal parts--halves, thirds, fourths.  Then the student should color in the parts asked and write a fraction based on their work.

In the equivalent fraction handouts, your student will need to shade in the area given and then convert the fraction.  The areas are divided into one fraction (for example 16ths) and the student is asked to color in another (for example 1/4). 

The third set of papers include some shapes that are already divided into fractions.  Some are colored in while others will need colored in.  The student will learn 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 fractions.

The fraction number line is a great resource for learning the fractions and how they are divided up.  There are two different sets to choose from.  Each presents the information in different ways.

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equivalent fraction worksheets
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