Skip Counting By Fours

skip counting by fours

Skip counting by fours leads to easier memorization of the basic multiplication tables using factors of 4. 

Memorizing multiplication tables is extremely important to future math prowess.

Here are some free worksheet downloads and helpful tools that you can use to support the underlying concepts that lead to multiplying by four.

Feel free to use these and my other skip counting worksheets in your home schooling efforts or to support your classroom lessons.

Skip Counting By Fours Worksheets

The first printable has four groups of monsters.  Each monster has four tentacles on it.  We want to find out how many tentacles are in each group.  To do that, your child will need to use skip counting.  Simply count each monster as four and then write in the total number of tentacles in the space provided.

What you're doing here is basic multiplication.  Although your child may be counting by fours, you could take this opportunity to show your child how you could get the same answer by multiplying.  Multiply the tentacles, in this case 4, by the number of monsters and you'll get the same answer.

The second worksheet is the same basic idea as the previous one except it uses 4-leaf clovers.  Count each individual clover as four and then write the answer on the line provided. You can have your child check her work by counting the number of leaves individually.

The next activity is a multiplication chart, but don't worry, we're still just counting.  If you start in the top right column with 1 X 4, you can work down the chart counting by fours.  When your student is done, you can show him the multiplication problems on the left side of the chart and how multiplying by a certain number, say 5, is the same as adding it (or counting it) 5 times.

In the fourth paper there are four different rows of animals.  Each animal is saying a number (a multiple of four).  Use skip counting by fours to figure out what the missing numbers are and then write them in the "word bubble" above each animal.

The next two sheets use the same idea, except this time, each individual row starts a new set of numbers.  So even though the first row ends with the number 40 (in the koala worksheet), the second row starts a new set of numbers where your child will have to work both backwards and forwards to get the correct answer.

If you have any questions about the activity sheets, please leave a message below or use the "Contact" page to get a hold of me.  Thank you for visiting!

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