Skip Counting By Fours

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Skip counting by fours leads to easier memorization of the basic multiplication tables using factors of 4. 

Memorizing multiplication tables is extremely important to future math prowess.

Here are some free worksheet downloads and helpful tools that you can use to support the underlying concepts that lead to multiplying by four.

Feel free to use these and my other skip counting worksheets in your home schooling efforts or to support your classroom lessons.

Skip Counting By Fours Worksheets

The first printable has four groups of monsters.  Each monster has four tentacles on it.  Count the number of tentacles and then write the answer on the line. 

Although these sheets deal with skip counting, you could also show your child how you could get the same answer by multiplying.  Multiply the tentacles, in this case 4, by the number of monsters and you'll get the same answer.

The second worksheet is the same basic idea as the previous one except it uses 4-leaf clovers.  Count the number of leaves and write the answer on the space provided.

The final activity is a multiplication chart, but don't worry, we're still just counting.  If you start in the top right column with 1X4, you can work down the chart counting by fours. 

When your student is done, you can show him the multiplication problems on the left side of the chart and how multiplying by a certain number, say 5, is the same as adding it (or counting it) 5 times.

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