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Skip counting 8s is one of the tougher numbers to learn. 

It's not used as often as counting by fives, tens, or twos, and there are no easy tricks like there are with multiples of nine, eleven, and twelve.

Check out the free worksheets and other activities below for skip counting by 8's. 

Be sure not to rush each step.  Memorization like this takes time - but firmly entrenches the necessary basics for good multiplication math skills.

Skip Counting 8s Worksheets

In the first worksheet there are four boxes with octopi in them.  Each octopus has 8 tentacles.  Your child's job is to write the correct amount of tentacles in the box provided.

Count each octopus by skip counting by 8.  Have your child check his work by counting each tentacle individually.

The next worksheet has pool balls on it--the eight ball to be exact.  Each ball has a number on it, but some are missing.  Fill in the missing numbers when your child counts by 8s.

The third worksheet is kind of a maze.  Connect the top of the tree to it's root by coloring in the multiples of eight to form a silly trunk.

The final sheet is a times table.  Fill in the blanks by simply counting by 8s.  When it's complete, you can show your child how counting by eights is quicker when you use multiplication.

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When your child has mastered counting 8s, go ahead and move on to the nines.  You can also review 7s or try some of my other counting and numbers worksheets.

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