Skip Counting By Sixes

skip counting by sixes

Skip counting by sixes is another building block for a student to learn before tackling memorization of the multiplication tables. 

Just like our other skip counting lessons , you want your child to focus on one number at a time.  In this lesson, we will be focusing on counting by sixes.

We recommend that every number you focus on while learning how to skip count goes up to multiplies of at least 10. This helps to tie the lesson in to the first skip counting lesson we introduced which was counting by tens.  But, the most important thing to remember is to make each lesson enjoyable!

Skip Counting by Sixes - Object Lesson

As numbers get bigger, it's harder and harder to use large objects, so  let's go with something smaller, like pieces of candy. 

You will need 96 pieces of candy (M&M's work great) or less if only counting up to 60, small safety scissors and the two printed sheets found below for this lesson.  We will be skip counting by sixes all the way up to 96.  If your student is able to count over 100, feel free to draw more triangles and enter the correct numbers in them to work at your child's level.

If you'd like to stick with just counting up to ten times, simply print the first sheet only; it stops at 60.

Just click on the sheet images below to download them.

skip counting by sixes 1
skip counting by sixes 2

Have your child cut out each triangle, naming each number as they cut.  Next, he can count out individual candies into groups of six.  Help him lay the triangles out in order under each group of six like this:

skip counting by sixes 3
skip counting by sixes 4
skip counting by sixes 5

and continuing up until you have all 96 candies laid out.

Between the cutting of the numbers and the counting of the candies, the student will begin to associate everything in groups of six in a visable form.

Have him point to each group, naming the skip counting number under that group of candies.  Playfully begin chanting with him, pointing to each skip counting number - getting faster and faster.

You can then cover the numbers below the triangles and have her count by sixes alone.  After each successful counting trial, be sure to reward her with the candy!

Skip Counting By Sixes Worksheets

Now the student should be ready to do a printed worksheet.  If possible, have her complete the worksheet at a different place than where the candies are laid out or be sure to cover the candies and worksheet while she works on them.

Then have her return with her finished worksheet, comparing her answers to the visual candy lesson.

skip counting by sixes 01
skip counting by sixes 02
skip counting by sixes 03
skip counting by sixes 04
skip counting by sixes 05
skip counting by sixes 06

Continue learning how to skip count by using the lessons below.  Move on to sevens, review fives, or try one of the many lessons on counting.

counting by fives 00
skip counting by sevens 00
counting worksheets
counting games 00

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