Counting By Fives

counting by fives

In this lesson, we will focus on skip counting by fives.  If you have been following through the lesson plan, then you have already learned how to count by tens.  Fives is the next step in our unit on skip counting.

Counting by fives can be practiced in many different ways, all while reinforcing other skills at the same time. 

For instance, if you have a coin jar lying around (who doesn't) you can pour them out on the table and have your child sort them by denomination.  You could sort them into groups of fives and quickly count how many coins you have.  Better yet, pull out the nickels and count them by fives to see how much money you have? This not only helps with learning how to count by fives, but it reinforces money skills at the same time.

Check out my other skip counting pages, including fun worksheets and activities for counting by twos, threes, and fours.

And, don't forget about the worksheets related to counting coins, as they reinforce practical skip counting skills that we can use in our daily lives.

Counting By Fives Worksheets

The first printable is a fun little poem that you and your child can read together.  It teaches how to count by 5 and I highly recommend using your best pirate voice to get the full effect.

The next worksheet shows pool balls with missing numbers on them.  The numbers start at 5 and go up to 60.  Have your child count by 5's to fill in the missing numbers.

The third worksheet is similar, but instead of numbers ranging from 5-60, there are three rows of pool balls.  The concept is the same, fill in the missing numbers, but the task is a bit harder as your child will have to determine the numbers instead of simply counting up by fives.  Each row is its own sequence so instead of starting with the first row and continuing on until the end of the sheet, your child will have to look at each row individually to determine which numbers to write.

The remaining worksheets use the same format.  They just have different numbers missing and require your child to count higher.  The last one (with the pool racks) may be a bit confusing.  The first row goes over 100, which may be hard for some students.  The last row has students counting all the way down to zero.  Some students may not understand what number to write before 5.

Printing your worksheets is easy.  Just click the picture and then download it or print it out and start counting!

counting by fives 1
counting by fives 2
counting by fives 4
counting by fives 4
counting by fives 5
counting by fives 6

When you're done teaching your child how to count by fives, be sure to continue on with the next lesson on twos or review the previous unit on tens.  You can also find more counting worksheets or get a head start on learning multiplication.

counting by tens 00
counting by twos 00
counting worksheets
multiplication worksheets

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