Dot To Dot Printables

dot to dot printables

Connect the Dots puzzles are a fun way to break up the routine of Alphabet and Math Worksheets.

Use these dot to dot printables to reinforce the concepts you've been practicing with your child.

You'll find that the worksheets are divided up into various difficulties, so be sure to download sheets that your child can handle.

The first few puzzles only use twenty numbers, while the next group goes up to the number 30 and so on up to 100.  Start with the pages that go up to twenty and work your way through the harder puzzles.

Dot To Dot Printables & Activities

Click on a picture to see printable puzzles for that selection. I'll also discuss a bit about what you can find in each section below.

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The first few sets of puzzles are divided up into groups of numbers.  Preschool children should start with the twenties and work their way up.

Our kids celebrate the 100th day of school every year.  Our son did it in 1st Grade and our daughter is doing it now in Kindergarten.  The 'Count to 100' lessons are a fun activity to use in the classroom or at home for these parties.

If you're little student has mastered Skip Counting, there are some puzzles that use skip counting instead of the standard number sequence.  For more lessons on counting by twos, fives, and tens, see the links at the bottom of this page.

These types of worksheets are about more than just numbers.  They're a great way to teach the alphabet, shapes, and colors too.  Primary students will love learning about these concepts with the 'Alphabet' and 'Colors/Shapes' printables.

There are also some harder puzzles that use different colored lines along with numbers.  When your child is done connecting all of the dots, he or she can color in the picture.  Have fun!

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