Missing Numbers

missing numbers

These 'Missing Numbers' worksheets are a fun way to teach your child about counting and number order.

Children love the cute alien and monster graphics and the math mazes are just one more way to make learning about numbers fun.

Print out the activities below and read on to learn how to use these lessons.

Missing Numbers Worksheets

Click the images to open up a printable file in another tab.

Each paper has instructions on it, but I'll cover each in more detail below.

missing numbers 1
missing numbers 2
missing numbers 3
missing numbers 4
missing numbers 5
missing numbers 6


The first worksheet shows two columns of numbers.  On the left side of the column there are numbers filled in, the right side is blank.  Your child needs to write the number that comes after in the blank box.

There are two sets of columns.  In the first set, students should count by ones.  In the second, they are to count by tens.  So, for the first column, students would write a 16 after the 15, while in the second set of columns, they would write a 15 after the 5.

Some children might find it helpful to review the skip counting lessons (see related pages below).

The last two boxes in each column are left blank for the child to create his or her own numbers.

In the second printable, there are four rows of numbers.  The monsters have eaten most of the numbers, so it is up to your child to write them back in.  This activity will have your child writing numbers all the way up to forty.

The next activity is a math maze.  Students should start in the middle with the bird.  Follow the numbers in order to create a path to the birdhouse.  Students should color in the numbers as they go along.  Start with one, color it and move on to two.  Color it and keep moving until they come to a blank spot between 3 and five.  Fill in the missing number, color it and keep coloring, counting, and filling in the numbers until they reach the end.

The fourth sheet is the same basic idea, but it's a little less hard.  The path your child needs to take is already colored in.  Simply fill in the numbers that are missing to reach the end of the maze.

The next worksheet will help teach your child how to count to twenty.  There are four rows of animals, some of which have a number on them.  Fill in the missing numbers to get from 1 to 20.

The sixth worksheet is a bit trickier.  It's the same basic idea as the paper before it.  There are rows of animals with numbers on them and it is your child's job to fill in the missing numbers. 

However, in this activity, each row begins a new sequence of numbers. You'll notice that the first row begins with 6 and teaches the sequence 6, 7, 8, 9.  The third row begins with 11 and teaches the sequence 11, 12, 13, 14.

The second and fourth rows are harder still.  They don't begin with a number, but have one near the end.  Students will need to count backwards in order to determine which numbers to write on the blanks.

For more fun with numbers, counting, and mazes, check out the pages below.

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