Learn To Count

learn to count

You can help your child learn to count to ten with these preschool counting worksheets.

Each printable activity sheet features fun, colorful graphics that children will love to count.

You'll find themes like animals, pirates, sports, and every child's favorite...candy!

Print out your free worksheets below.

Learn To Count:Printable Activity Sheets

Click on any picture below to open up a printable file in another tab.  Below are some instructions and guidelines on how to use the printouts.

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Using the Counting Worksheets

Each paper has instructions printed on it, but I thought I'd cover them a bit here as well.

They are pretty straightforward as far as what your child needs to do.

On the left of each counting worksheet are groups of objects.  I created different themes for each paper so you will find handouts for kids that love sports, animals, candy, and more.

If you have a special theme that you would like to see, let me know and I'd be glad to create a worksheet that might get your child a bit more interested in the activity.  Kids respond better to things that they like and images they are familiar with.

Have your child count each of the objects in a group.  On the right of the page there are numbers.  Draw a line from each group to the number that matches.

For example, in the first paper, the first group shows 4 lions.  Your child should draw a line to the number 4.  Simple right?

Drawing lines can get messy for some kids (our youngest daughter for one).  All the lines end up looking like somebody spilled a bowl of spaghetti on the paper. Here are a few tips for those children still trying to master their writing skills.

If you print out the last couple of papers, you will notice that instead of drawing lines to the number, your child only needs to circle the correct number.  For the other counting activities, there are a couple of different things that you could do.  You could use a different color for each group of objects.

For example, in the first page, use a yellow marker to draw a line from the group of lions to the number 4 and use a blue marker to draw a line from the elephants to the number three.  Continue working through the paper using a different color for each set of objects.  

You could also draw a symbol at the end of each group.  For example, at the end of the group of lions, draw a circle, then have your child draw a circle around the correct number.  In the next row, draw a triangle after the elephants, then your child needs to draw a triangle around the correct number.  Continue on this way drawing a different shape for each row and using that shape to highlight the answer.

Not only will this make it easier to read the answers, it also gives you a chance to work on shapes while you learn to count!

For more help with counting (and perhaps drawing straight lines) see the lessons below.

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