Ordering Numbers

ordering numbers

Ordering numbers is a skill that students usually learn in Kindergarten.

The process begins in Pre-K classes with basic counting skills and is built upon in later grades when students learn about place value and larger numbers.

The worksheets below start out with the numbers 1-10 and progress into larger numbers.  Be sure to work with numbers that your child is familiar with.

Preschool and Kindergarten students will enjoy the first set of worksheets that concentrate on the numbers one through twenty.

Students with better counting skills will have no problem ordering the numbers in the second set.

Another fun way to learn about number order is with the Connect the Dot puzzles I've created. I've included one example in the second group of worksheets.  You can find more dot to dots at the bottom of this page.

Ordering Numbers:Printable Activity Sheets

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ordering numbers 1
ordering numbers 2
ordering numbers 3
ordering numbers 4
ordering numbers 5
ordering numbers 6
ordering numbers 7
ordering numbers 8
ordering numbers 9

Lesson Instructions

The first sheet is a bit different than the others.  It's a simple before and after task like the ones found in the lesson on preschool counting.  Your child is shown two numbers and must determine which number is missing. 

The rest of the activities are number ordering tasks featuring various items.  In each paper you'll see a certain number of items (baseball shirts, computers, ballerinas) with numbers on them.

The numbers are all jumbled up and it is your child's job to put them back in order.

On the line at the bottom, write the numbers in correct order from smallest to largest.

The final printable is a sample of one of the connect the dot puzzles I've made.  They are another great tool for teaching number order.

You can find more dot to dots, number activities, and counting lessons below.

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