Preschool Counting

preschool counting

Use these preschool counting worksheets to teach your child (or classroom) the numbers from one to twenty.

The numbers are taught through different activities like 'Seek N Find' puzzles, missing numbers, and 'Before and After' tasks that children love.

Let's get started.

Preschool Counting Worksheets

Click on the pictures below to open up a PDF file in another tab.  From there you can print out your paper or save it to your computer.

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How To Use These Practice Sheets

In the first paper, students need to fill in the missing numbers.  Then on the large box of numbers below, they should color in the numbers they have filled in.  This will reveal a hidden picture (a number).

The second sheet is similar to the first.  Students should fill in the missing numbers (which is most of them) and then search for the numbers hidden in the picture below.  There are six numbers to find.

The third sheet gives the children a number.  The student must then fill in the number that comes before and after the given number.  Below that is a short Spot The Difference activity--the difference is the hidden numbers.  Have the kids circle the numbers.

The fourth sheet features a snail and a turtle with numbers on their shell.  Have the children fill in the missing numbers.  Children may need help following the pattern on the turtle's shell as it serpentines from bottom to top.

Next is a paper with four rows of birds on it.  For each row, count the number of birds and then write the number in the box provided.

The last sheet features eight rows of farm animals.  At the beginning of each row there is a number.  This activity focuses on the the numbers 1-5.  Say the number and then circle the correct amount of farm animals in each row.

For more number lessons, counting activities, and preschool worksheets, see the links below.

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