Money Worksheets

money worksheets

Use these money worksheets to teach your child about counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and their value.

Counting money is one of the hardest lessons for children to learn. In Pre-K and Kindergarten, children learn the difference between big and small.

Bigger is better in the eyes of a 4-year old.  In 1st grade, when they start to learn about coins, they realize that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better.

A penny is bigger than a dime, but it's worth less.  One nickel is less than four pennies, but it's worth more.

These concepts are confusing and the only way to learn them is through practice.  Use the worksheets, activities, and coin games below to teach your child about money. 

Counting Money Worksheets

Grab your printables by clicking on the images below.  Each denomination is broken into its own unit so that your child can focus on one at a time.

Once he or she can identify the different coins, you should tackle the final section of worksheets that mixes all the coins together.

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Money Activities & Games

I've included a few activities and games to get your child excited about learning how to count money.

The first coin activity introduces your child to the concept of Counting Coins.  It uses things that you already have around the house--assuming you have some loose change laying around.

The coin game is a favorite in our house.  You can tailor the game to your child's interests.  Not only does it teach them about money, but it also wears them out right before bed.  It's a win-win!

There are also a couple of  toys that can be used to teach your child about money. What seems like a simple toy can actually be a powerful teaching tool.  Check out the cash register and the piggy bank craft.

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More Math and Numbers Lessons:

Skip counting comes in handy when counting paper money by denomination, and you may want to review this with your child. She will increase her counting speed if she is able to count by 5's, and 10's. Counting by 2's can also help with counting by 20's, so you can review the 2's as well. You can find these lessons and more below.

Your child will be so proud when she can count the money she receives from grandma in her birthday card!

Be sure to check out these worksheets for more lessons covering counting, numbers, and place values--all important concepts to master in order to understand counting money.

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