Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

These Thanksgiving coloring sheets are for the birds...well turkeys actually...same thing right? 

You can find more themed Thanksgiving coloring pages featuring pilgrims, Native Americans, and my on the pages featured below.

Be sure to check out the activities too like word scrambles and word searches.

Many "Thank You's" to the vector artists that make their creations available for free online.  Each artist is credited in the worksheet, but be sure to check out the Credits page for more information.

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets: Turkeys!

All of the coloring sheets you see here are free to use in the classroom or at home for personal use. 

The images link to Google Drive where you can print out the graphic or download it for later use.  Thank you for visiting and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving coloring sheets 1
thanksgiving coloring sheets 2
thanksgiving coloring sheets 3
thanksgiving coloring sheets 4
thanksgiving coloring sheets 5
thanksgiving coloring sheets 6
thanksgiving coloring sheets 7
thanksgiving coloring sheets 8
thanksgiving coloring sheets 9

Find more Thanksgiving coloring pages, crafts, and ideas below.

thanksgiving activities for kids 00
thanksgiving stories 00
thanksgiving craft 00
thanksgiving coloring pages 00

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