Fairy Coloring Pages

fairy coloring pages

Your child will enjoy these fairy coloring pages and while he thinks he's just coloring, he's actually learning valuable handwriting skills.

When children first begin to color, they often hold the crayons incorrectly.  Our 5-year old still does sometimes.

It might not seem like a big deal when they're coloring, but that bad habit carries over when they begin writing.  After the writing problems we've had with our oldest, we're not about to let our youngest get by holding those crayons wrong.

Make sure your child is holding the crayon correctly.  For more information on finger grasps and writing, check out the handwriting lessons at the bottom of this page.

Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

Click on the images below to print out your coloring sheets.

Many "Thank You's" to freepik.com for the amazing artwork.  You can learn more about their site and the other images used to create these worksheets here.

fairy coloring pages 1
fairy coloring pages 2
fairy coloring pages 3
fairy coloring pages 4
fairy coloring pages 5
fairy coloring pages 6
fairy coloring pages 7
fairy coloring pages 8
fairy coloring pages 9
fairy coloring pages 10
fairy coloring pages 11
fairy coloring pages 12

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