Halloween Coloring

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These Halloween coloring pages are a fun (and scary) way to teach the Alphabet. 

Below is the first set of coloring worksheets that you can download and print out right from your computer. 

The images link to Google Docs where you can print and/or download the papers.  Enjoy!

For the rest of the alphabet see the link at the bottom of this page.  You can also find less scary Alphabet Coloring Pages for younger children.

Phonetic Alphabet Halloween Coloring Pages

You could also use these coloring sheets to work on vocabulary with your child.

I've given you a few ideas for Halloween-themed words on the worksheets below, but you can ask your child to come up with his or her own Halloween alphabet.

See how many other words you can come up with for each letter. 

If you're using these pages in class, have your students write more words for each letter on the paper.

You could turn it into a game where they get an extra piece of candy (M&M's work great) for every word that they can come up with.

halloween coloring A
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halloween coloring F
halloween coloring G
halloween coloring H

You can find more Halloween printables and coloring pages using the links below.

halloween coloring sheets
halloween graph activity
coloring pages to print
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