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I designed these fashion coloring pages for my 'stylish' daughter after she showed me the drawing pictured here.  She had drawn six different dresses, skirts, and shorts, then created unique styles for each outfit.

Sometimes, I get so busy with creating worksheets that focus on my childrens' school work that I forget to make fun things for them to do.

Thankfully, I'll get hit over the head now and then with some awesome artwork like my oldest daughter did here and that little lightbulb in my head goes off.

While I think that she did some great work, I'd also like to make things a bit easier on her...and you!

Printable Fashion Coloring Pages

Below you'll find six different coloring pages that can be printed out to create stylish patterns for T-shirts, blouses, and dresses.

There are also two coloring sheets that can be used to explore color with Mix and Match outfits.

So print these out and get your little Fashionista to work!

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fashion coloring pages 6

You can find more coloring pages to print out using the links below.

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