Shape Coloring Pages

These basic shape coloring pages are a great way to introduce shapes to your Preschooler or Kindergartener. 

For older students, there are geometrical shapes that are usually introduced in 1st Grade and then expounded upon in later school work.

For both basic and advanced shapes, I've included two worksheets. 

One introduces the shapes and has the name underneath--the child can color however he or she wishes. 

The second worksheet has the same shapes, but the names have been removed and the child must color the shapes according to the code.

Printable Shape Coloring Pages

shape coloring pages 1
shape coloring pages 2
shape coloring pages 3
shape coloring pages 4

You can find more shapes to color and shape activities on the pages below:

coloring pages to print
shape worksheets 00
2d shapes 00
heart shapes 00

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Educational Resources

I've put together a list of educational resources that include links to more free work sheets, workbooks, home school curriculums, teacher resources, and learning toys.