Alphabet Tracing

alphabet tracing

Print out these Alphabet tracing worksheets to help your child learn how to form and print the letters of the Alphabet.  Below is the next selection of worksheets in our lessons on uppercase letter tracing. 

These handouts will focus on the letters G through L.  Your child will be able to trace each letter in its uppercase form and then move on to writing the letters without tracing. You can find the rest of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase formats, along with shape and number tracing using the links below.

If you haven't done so yet, you may want to start at the beginning of my letter tracing series and practice tracing the letters A through F.  If your child has already mastered those letters, then let's move on!

Alphabet Tracing: Upper G-L

These tracing worksheets will follow the same format as the previous lesson did.  Each paper comes with two lines of letter tracing.  As I mentioned in the previous unit, we're not worried about learning how to write the letters freehand just yet.  We want to focus solely on making nice, clean and clear lines.  One of the best ways to do that is by tracing.

Underneath the handwriting practice lines there are short and simple activities that focus on each letter.  On the G paper there are giraffes with letters on their spots.  Have your child color in all of the spots that have the letter G on them.

In the next paper, the alphabet has gone undercover!  Each of the letters is under a hat and wearing glasses.  Your child will need to identify the letter H by circling all of the disguises with the letter H.

After tracing the letter I, there is another letter identification activity.  There are many different insects that are flying around letters of the alphabet.  Circle all of the insects that are near the letter I.

The J activity sheet shows a lot of different jewels with letters on them.  Circle all of the jewels with the letter J on them.

The next tracing worksheet has a similar activity.  There are bottles of ketchup that have letters on the labels.  Find the K's guessed them.

In the final paper, there are leopards with letters.  Find all of the leopards with the letter L on them and circle them.

Click on any worksheet below to open up a pdf that you can print.

alphabet tracing 1
alphabet tracing 2
alphabet tracing 3
alphabet tracing 4
alphabet tracing 5
alphabet tracing 6

Once you have completed tracing these letters, you can move on to the next set of alphabet tracing or work on writing the letters freehand.  You can also find a lot of alphabet worksheets that teach letter sounds, blends, and more!

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alphabet worksheets

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