2nd Grade Writing Prompts

2nd grade writing prompts

It's currently day three of our in-home quarantine and our daughter has completed all of the 2nd grade writing prompts that her teacher sent home.  Guess what I'm creating today?  That's right, more writing worksheets!  Who's pumped?

It has been...interesting making these writing prompt worksheets with my daughter.  I asked her what she'd like to write about and she gave me a lot of ideas. Some of them were...pretty weird.

Below are just a few of the things that she came up with.  I left out the zombie-kangaroo with laser-eyes writing prompt she suggested, but feel free to have your child write a sentence or two about that. Stay weird, stay home and stay safe!

Printable 2nd Grade Writing Prompts

Designed by a second grader for second graders!  Each of the writing prompt worksheets below has a simple question or prompt for your child to write about.  Our 2nd Grader came up with all kinds of topics that she wanted to write about including unicorns (obviously), talking food, and genies in a bottle.  If you have a request for your child's own writing prompts, contact me through the website or on the Facebook page and I'll be glad to make some worksheets just for your student. 

At the top of each paper is a full-color picture related to the prompts.  For an extra activity, you could print the prompts out in black and white, then have your child color in the photos.

Below the picture is the prompt.  Have your child read the sentences and then write a two to three sentence response.  Printing out your writing prompts is easy, just click on one of the pictures below, then print the pdf from Google Drive.

2nd grade writing prompts 01
2nd grade writing prompts 02
2nd grade writing prompts 03
2nd grade writing prompts 04
2nd grade writing prompts 05
2nd grade writing prompts 06
2nd grade writing prompts 07
2nd grade writing prompts 08
2nd grade writing prompts 09

Keep Writing!

Some children may struggle with their handwriting.  Our son has had problems with his pencil grip and legibility for years.  If you find that your child needs some help with writing, you will want to check out the resources below.  You'll find activities for practicing letter printing and cursive writing. You can also print out three-lined writing sheets for customized practice.

Our son's handwriting improved when he learned how to write in cursive. He may have picked up some bad writing habits when he learned how to print so learning a new way of writing was beneficial.  Thankfully, he is older now and most of his homework is typed up on a computer, but we still like to have him practice writing once in a while.  If you find your family in the same situation, please take a moment to check out these pages:

handwriting worksheets
cursive handwriting
handwriting sheets 00
how to write in cursive 00

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