Tracing Numbers

tracing numbers

Tracing numbers is a great way to teach students the necessary line formations and patterns for quality handwriting.  Many numbers use curved lines and diagonals which can be harder for students to master.  

This can be frustrating for the child as he begins learning how to write the alphabet and numbers.  One way to ensure that your child has success is to begin learning how to write by tracing.

In this lesson, we will focus on the numbers six through ten.  If you missed the previous lesson on the numbers zero through five, be sure to check it out when you're done here.  I've provided a link at the bottom of this page.

Use these worksheets to practice writing the numbers from six through ten.  For the rest of my number tracing printables and lessons, check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Tracing Numbers Six - Ten

All of the papers are set up the same way.  At the top of the worksheet there is a line of traceable numbers for the student to practice writing the number and get familiar with the lines and curves of each.

Be sure that your child takes her time and traces the numbers slowly.  When our son practices his writing skills, he tends to rush through the tracing portion.  The end result is a sloppy mess that he has to redo.

If you find your child rushing through the tracing, you may find that it helps to go over the numbers with a thick marker and have your child trace the marked number while staying inside the highlighted area.  This gives the child a thicker border area to trace and he is more likely to stay inside the thicker line.  It's one way to set your child up for success!  Once she has mastered staying within the highlighted numbers, then you can have her trace the numbers without marking them.

Below the traceable numbers is another line with one traceable number.  The rest of the space is left blank for the student to practice writing the numbers without tracing.

Once the tracing and writing is completed, there is a short activity for each number.  In some, the child will be asked to color a certain amount of objects or to circle a particular number of objects.  These are quick activities that reinforce the number that has been traced. Directions are simple and on each worksheet.

tracing numbers 1
tracing numbers 2
tracing numbers 3
tracing numbers 4
tracing numbers 5

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