Letter Recognition Worksheets

letter recognition worksheets

These printable letter recognition worksheets are a great resource for preschool or kindergarten students that are beginning to learn how to write their letters.  If your child is just learning the alphabet, you may want to see the rest of my alphabet worksheets (at bottom of page) to slowly introduce your child to each letter.  In those lessons, you will focus on letter sounds and formations.

You can also find practice sheets focusing on each letter in the consonants worksheets section of the site.  The activities found in those lessons work on beginning sounds and recognizing the letter sound in words.

If your child has a basic understanding of letter shapes, then these worksheets will help your child practice recognizing the difference between upper and lower case letters.  You can also work on identifying specific letters among a group of letters.  There are many ways you could use the worksheets below, but let's cover the basics first.

Printable Letter Recognition Worksheets

There are currently six different worksheets that you can download and print out (just click the pix) to work on letter recognition.  The instructions are simple.  Each of the worksheets has multiple rows of objects.  In the current set of papers, I went with a space theme, so you'll see planets, spaceships, and aliens. 

On each of these items there is a letter. Some of the letters are upper case and some are lower.  Your child needs to color the upper case letters one color and the lower case a different one.  At the top of each worksheet are instructions for which color to use.

Go ahead and print out the worksheets below and then check out some of the tips below for ideas on how to use them.

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letter recognition worksheets 2
letter recognition worksheets 3
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letter recognition worksheets 5
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How To Use The Letter Worksheets

First a quick note about the worksheets.  The first three of them work through all of the letters of the alphabet.  Worksheet 1 focuses on the letters A through J, the second one K through T, and the last one S through Z.  The third paper was a bit tricky to create as most of the letters look very similar in their upper and lower case forms.  Be sure to have your child look closely at the letters and compare them to the letters around them to tell whether it is the upper or lower case version.

The last three letter recognition worksheets have mixed letters and focuses on the letters that have a larger difference between their two forms.

Here are a couple of ideas for getting the most out of the worksheets.  First off, feel free to use whatever colors your child prefers for coloring in the objects.  If your kids aren't exactly excited about worksheets, sometimes giving them a choice in what colors to use can make things go a bit smoother.  Instead of saying, "Hey it's time to do some worksheets", you could say, "Hey, what colors would you like use to color with?"  It's a simple thing, but it can make a difference.

If you want to work on recognizing specific letters, you could add an extra instruction to the work.  For example, once all of the letters are colored, you could tell your child to circle all of the A's (or whatever letter).

You could also work on vowels and consonants.  Ask your child to draw a triangle around all of the vowels and to circle the consonants.

Another idea you could use is to have them connect the letter pairs when they're done coloring.  For example, have them draw a line from the uppercase A to the lowercase a.  There are so many things you can do with these letter recognition worksheets!  If you have any ideas for other ways to use them, please leave a comment below.  I know other users would appreciate it.

For more ways to learn letters, be sure to check out the pages below.

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