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spot the difference games

My girls absolutely love the Spot The Difference games that they find in magazines like Highlights (or on a restaurant's kids menu).  They can't get enough of them.  

Over the summer, we have been trying to be more intentional with how our kids use their time.  We've limited their screen time and have had them working their way through different workbooks to keep their minds sharp and their skills strong while school is on break. 

Many of the books that we've gone through are full of games like Hidden Objects, but they don't have a lot of games where you spot the differences.  Once they worked their way through all the games in the books, they asked me to make some more for them.

Below are six different activity sheets that you can print out and use to kill some time indoors when it's too hot to go outside or use save them for those long summer vacation road trips!

Printable Spot The Difference Games

There are six different games that you can print out. Just click on the pictures.  This will open up a pdf in another tab.  Then you can click the printer icon to print them out.

Since we have a 1st grader and a 4th grader that enjoy doing these kinds of puzzles, I made some of them a bit harder than the others.  Honestly, none of them are that hard, but I did try to get a bit sneakier with some of the ones I made for our oldest daughter.

Grab your activity sheets below and then check out the directions for more info and an answer guide.

spot the difference games 1
spot the difference games 2
spot the difference games 3
spot the difference games 4
spot the difference games 5
spot the difference games 6

As I mentioned above, the sheets have varying degrees of difficulty, with the harder ones being the last few.  I'll quickly run over the differences in each sheet and let you know how many your child should find in each of the games.

In the beach scene, there are 5 differences that need to be circled.  They include the flower (1) and the clam (2) on the sand in front, the fish (3) in the water, and the leaf (4) and toucan (5) on the island.  This is one of the easier games, it uses big, brightly colored objects and there aren't a whole lot of items in the picture.

In the park scene, there are 6 differences: The owl (1), the flower (2), hedgehog (3), squirrel behind trashcan (4), ladybug (5), and the rock (6) in the front right corner.  That one was a bit tricky for our youngest.

In the fantasy/fairy land, there are 5 differences.  Some of them are quite small and blend in very well with the background: unicorn on cloud (1), wizard by house (2), bag of coins (3), dragon (4), trees on hillside (5).

The butterfly scene has 5 butterflies missing from the second picture.

The safari sheet is missing 5 things: The lion (1), a baby giraffe (2), a tree (3), binoculars (4), and a zebra (5).

The farm scene is probably the hardest.  It's missing 10 different items and some of them are hidden very well.  They are from left to right: tree, flowerpot, cloud, goat, wind mobile, bush, rabbit, chicken, apple, windmill.

When your child is done with these Spot The Difference games, be sure to check out some of the other fun activities available to you like the dot to dot puzzles, word searches, and coloring pages to name a few:

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