Pictures for Writing Prompts

pictures for writing prompts

The worksheets found here use pictures for writing prompts instead of textual guidance.  These types of visual prompts allow the students full creative control of their stories. If you've been using the previous writing prompt papers, then you've seen how the student's writing is guided by the text prompts and can be limited by the questions asked in the prompt.

Because these picture prompts allow for a wide variety of creativity, they can be used for many different school ages.  Students from kindergarten to fourth grade (and perhaps beyond) may all use the same worksheets found here with varying degrees of creativity.

Printable Pictures for Writing Prompts

The picture prompts are all in worksheet format, similar to the other writing prompt lessons found on the site.  If you aren't using these prompts in a classroom setting, you may just want to show the picture to your child and have him or her write a story on lined paper.

It may be necessary to help students create a story around the picture.  Make sure that students aren't just describing the picture, but that they are writing a story about the picture. 

To keep them from simply describing the picture, you may want to have them write about the past events that led to the picture or have them write about what is going to happen immediately after the picture.  There are many different options for using the worksheets below and good teachers will know how best to guide their students' writing.

For an extra activity, you could print out the worksheets in black and white, then have your students color in the pictures.  The Ram/Bear/Racoon writing prompt is perfect for letting your students explore their artistic creativity.  I would love to see what colors, stripes, dots, or other ways they decorate their animal.  Post their decorated pictures in the comments below!

If you would like to print out the worksheets for use in class or at home, click on the pictures below.

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pictures for writing prompts 02
pictures for writing prompts 03
pictures for writing prompts 04
pictures for writing prompts 05
pictures for writing prompts 06
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pictures for writing prompts 08
pictures for writing prompts 09
pictures for writing prompts 010
pictures for writing prompts 011
pictures for writing prompts 012
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Keep Writing!

If your students enjoyed using these pictures for writing prompts, you may want to visit the writing prompts homepage to find more worksheets and ideas to get those creative juices flowing.  You can find prompts based on grade level, subject matter, and holiday themes.

For younger students that need more help with their handwriting, you can also find a lot of worksheets that cover forming letters, lines, and writing in cursive.  Take a moment now to check out some of these other free resources for improving handwriting:

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