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This Kindergarten Worksheet Unit will focus on listening comprehension skills.  This is an important first step to building reading comprehension skills.

Before your child can read something and understand, she needs to be able to listen to words and not just hear them, but give meaning to them and use the information in a meaningful way.

Each worksheet below will give your kindergarten aged child a chance to practice listening and put the words that he hears into use.

Printable Listening Comprehension Kindergarten Worksheet Activities

Below are all of the current worksheets that you can find in this unit.  These activities are a bit different than the ones I normally create.  Usually, I would put directions on each worksheet, but since we are working on listening skills, I'm going to leave it up to you the teacher (or homeschooling parent) to give the directions to your students (or child).

I will offer you a few tips and directions on how to use each worksheet, but feel free to customize the instructions to your liking.

Each kindergarten worksheet below has four different rows (they're all numbered) on it.  In each row there are three different objects--animals, space, fruit, and so on.

For each row, you will give a specific set of instructions.  What we're focusing on here is how well your child listens to instructions.  There are lots of different topics that you can cover with these worksheets--colors, placement, order, shapes.

Here are some sample instructions that you could give for one worksheet:

  • Circle the first item in the first row
  • Draw a line under the third item in the second row
  • Draw an X on the second item in the third row
  • Draw a triangle over the first item in the fourth row

There are numerous ways to use each worksheet.  Some of the rows have black and white objects on them that you could use to work on colors:

  • Color the first item in the third row blue
  • Color the second item in the first row red

Not only are you working on listening skills, but you're also focusing on colors and object placement (first, second, third)

If you want to focus on colors, you could do so on some of the worksheets that have similar items in each row.  For example, "draw a square around the blue animal" or "Draw a line over the red airplane".

If your child struggles with object placement (first, second, third) you may have to say the name of the items.  "Draw an X over the blocks" instead of "Draw an X over the third item".  If you need to work more on first, second, and third, then please visit the unit on numbers (link below) to find worksheets and activities that cover that info.

When you first start to work on listening skills, I would recommend only giving one step instructions for each row.  If your child is excelling at this, you could combine steps, for example, "Draw a line under the first object and circle the third item".  Be sure to work at your child's level, you don't want to frustrate or discourage him/her. 

The great thing about these kindergarten worksheet activities is that you can use them multiple times, giving different instructions for each row.  So go ahead and print out your worksheets and get started!

kindergarten worksheet 1
kindergarten worksheet 2
kindergarten worksheet 3
kindergarten worksheet 4
kindergarten worksheet 5
kindergarten worksheet 6

As I mentioned above, there are many topics that you can cover on each worksheet like numbers, colors, and shapes to name a few.  If you would like to work on these topics in more depth, please check out the pages below:

shapes worksheets 00
number worksheets 00
coloring pages to print
kindergarten addition 00

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