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Addition property concepts are often introduced in 3rd Grade math skills.  Much of the math homework that our 2nd Grade son brings home touches on it slightly, so I thought I'd go ahead and make up a few work sheets to get him started.

For those of you with children learning about the properties of addition, I've included a few print-outs here that cover the four basic properties: Associative, Commutative, Distributive, and Identity.

Each lesson explains the property and then shows you how to apply it in mathematical situations.

Addition Property Lessons

Here's a little bit about what I offer in each unit.  Each property of addition has its own lesson that will show you how to understand the property.  After each lesson there are a few simple worksheets that you can print out and use to review and test your child on the property.

All of the worksheets are pretty straight forward.  There are simple mathematical problems to solve that focus on each of the properties.  Each one of the worksheets will have instructions at the top so that you can hand these out to your students in a classroom settings.  But, if you find that you need more help understanding how to use the worksheets, I've included detailed instructions on each page.

Click the links to find worksheets covering each property.

Associative:Three math papers that include matching, equal or not equal equations, and fill in the answer. The Octopus sheet is one of my most popular pins.

Commutative:This is by far the most downloaded group of sheets on the site--fill in the blank, matching, identifying equal equations, and rewriting equations.  Due to the popularity of these papers on Pinterest, I've created a few more lessons.

Identity:A fairly straight-forward property.  There are three printables--one is a matching task with equations on one side and answers on the other.  The second sheet is a circle the answer task with funny faces. The third handout features cute monsters that your child will need to color if they show the identity property.

Distributive:Two papers that focus on rewriting problems and solving them.  One activity has your child write out equations in a different, yet equal, way.  The other is a "fill-in-the-blank" task where students will need to write the correct numbers in to make two equal parts.

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