4th Grade Worksheets

4th grade worksheets

It's hard to believe I'm already creating 4th Grade worksheets for my son to use. 

It seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was making worksheets covering shapes, colors, and other preschool concepts for him.

Time flies when you're making extra homework for your kids!

4th Grade Worksheets & Activities

Since our son just started the new school year, I haven't made a lot of worksheets yet.  I'll start by putting up a list of 4th Grade skills that his teacher wants him to work on.

This will be an ongoing list that I continually add to as his teacher introduces new things for him to work on.

For now, we've been reviewing a lot of the things that he learned in 3rd Grade.  We're doing a lot of multiplication, adding/subtracting, and place value.

I've included links to all of those worksheets at the bottom of this page.

how to find the midpoint 00
4th grade spelling words 00

Be sure to check back soon.  I'll be adding more worksheets as we progress through the school year.

multiplication worksheets
addition worksheets
place value worksheets 00
multiplication flash cards 00

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Educational Resources

I've put together a list of educational resources that include links to more free work sheets, workbooks, home school curriculums, teacher resources, and learning toys.